Join me as I coach you through the homeschooling process.

Are you stuck with the why and how of planning your homeschool?

Are you unsure what to select with all the curriculum choices available?

How do you decide what homeschool philosophy works for your family?

Finally, how do you make homeschooling a lifestyle that is truly the perfect fit for your family so that everyone is satisfied?

Oftentimes as homeschool parents, we get caught up in

choosing curriculum, but we can easily forget that it's just as important to lay the foundation of our homeschool goals first.

Homeschooling is like running a business as much as it is teaching!

In this course you will learn the business of running your homeschool organization effectively.

We'll cover a number of topics that homeschool mama CEO's, or Boss Mamas, need to know for homeschool goal-planning!

👉🏾And just so you know, I know how busy homeschool mamas are, so I created an audio course just for you!

Just pop in your earbuds and hit play!

(No need to sit down to watch videos in this course.)

What you'll get:

*Over an hour of audio lessons, which take you step-by-step through planning your homeschool goals

*A 27-page, beautifully designed workbook which goes hand-in-hand with the audio lessons

What you'll learn:

*Develop standards for your homeschool based on your family’s uniqueness

*Learn to recognize your individual and family-based contributions in God’s Kingdom

*Discover your family’s gifts and talents that contribute to your homeschool, your family, and the world

*Learn to honor the individuality of your children

*Recognize your personal value to your homeschool process

*Create a family mission statement

*Create academic goals for each child

*Learn to manage your time around your homeschool philosophy

*Create a family schedule that works for you

*Determine a schedule that works best for your family lifestyle

*Learn to choose curriculum according to several factors, including: teaching style, learning style, values, child’s interests, budget, time investment, types of methods, whether it fits your family (teaching one child or multiple children)

*Determine your teaching style

*Find your child’s learning style

*Create routines, choose curriculum, and use practical tools to help you plan...

And lastly, we end with a Prayer Blessing for the Homeschool Mom.

Hi, I’m Demetria- your Homeschool Friend & Coach.

I'm a homeschool mama of over 15 years, business coach, author, and lifestyle blogger, and I am so happy to share what I've learned over the years with you.